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  1. Here’s Who Drives You Crazy, Based on Your Personality Type
  2. Here’s Who Drives You Crazy, Based on Your Personality Type
  3. The Ultimate Source for Understanding Yourself and others
  4. What's Your Driving Personality? Take the Driver Personality Test!

Road Hogging.

What Your Driving Style Reveals About Your Personality

A road hog insists on going either below or at the speed limit rather than pulling over and letting a line of cars pass them. This is classic passive-aggression; road hogs will bog down any and all initiatives at work. Finger Salutes. People who feel it necessary to express profanity at other drivers especially while driving away are usually frustrated and a bit cowardly.

Here’s Who Drives You Crazy, Based on Your Personality Type

At work, they can be counted on to backbite and gossip. Over-honkers tend to be both overly-critical and overly-sensitive to being criticized. Driving while texting is more dangerous than driving while drunk. Anybody who texts or emails while driving is a dangerous fool and cannot be trusted with any responsibility whatsoever, at work or anywhere else. Habitual speeders are like my former boss.

Here’s Who Drives You Crazy, Based on Your Personality Type

They don't really care about other people and they don't think the rules apply to them. At work, they are the jerks that make everyone else miserable. Like this column? Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post. The opinions expressed here by Inc.

The Ultimate Source for Understanding Yourself and others

Sponsored Business Content. Many car owners take great pride in their vehicles.

what your driving style says about your personality

Not only because they are a huge investment, but because they can often be extensions of ourselves. Of course many brand names may be associated with status, but the style of your vehicle can be more indicative of the kind of lives we live. According to a study conducted by researchers at UC Davis, those of us who drive smaller cars are often environmentally conscious and prefer higher density neighborhoods compared to drivers of other types of vehicles.

The bigger the city, the higher the concern for fuel-efficiency, and the easier it is to park with a smaller car. And in most cases, drivers of small cars are not described as workaholics or status seekers. This is not to say that they are a boring bunch, but rather to indicate that they often have a more sensible and businesslike disposition.

It was found that the drivers of sedans are more likely to be female and have a relatively high income. And in terms of American-made sedans, their owners tend to very nationalistic and not so open to grand and sudden changes.

What's Your Driving Personality? Take the Driver Personality Test!

Ah, yes. A life of luxury. No surprise here, luxury car owners are often status seekers and more prone to driving longer distances. These owners tend to be older, highly-educated, and generally have a higher income. These are the adventure seekers. Those of us that own sports cars are said to be energetic, feisty, and like to live life fast.

More times than not, sports car owners will have college degrees, yet they tend to have lower incomes. These people tend to be younger and financially unstable, yet thrive off of their need for thrills. This category of drivers belongs to those who like to get things done.

These car owners do not often like high-density living situations and tend to live in more rural areas. More room means less problems. More than other drivers, those that own minivans are known to be considerably calmer than their counterparts. Fans of the minivan are more likely to live in the suburbs, be middle-aged, and enjoy the family life. Who would buy such a big car just for themselves anyways? Those that drive SUVs are not often labeled as the most environmentally-minded people. However, SUV drivers do typically drive the shortest distances compared to other car owners. The average age demographic is often forty and younger, and these drivers like to live in the suburbs. Like truck drivers, SUV owners use their vehicles for multiple purposes, often relating to either work or family. In many cases, we believe a lot of our individual preferences to be totally random: what kind of animals we like, our favorite foods, favorite movies, etc.

While these things may seem trivial, they can actually unveil some deeper insights to who we really are. Though factors like make and model can sometimes decide what color car we choose, many of us err on the side of familiarity and often end up choosing the same color vehicles. Red — Though neutral car tones have been increasingly popular over the last few year, there is definitely still a group of people that love their red.

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These particular people love the attention and regardless of make or model, they get it. Drivers of red cars are often labeled as energetic, ambitious, confident, and powerful … or at least possess a desire to be seen this way.

Gray — Gray is a color perfect for those who try not to be flashy or stand out in a crowd. Many owners of gray cars tend to be lower maintenance and view their cars as predominantly functional. Additionally, they are very easy to keep clean. Silver — Silver cars are everywhere, and this could be linked to the modern technological age.