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  1. Choose Non-Lead Ammunition - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
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  4. The resurgence of hook-and-bullet conservation

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Choose Non-Lead Ammunition - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

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  • African vultures under the gun as lead ammunition takes a toll - Conservation Action Trust!
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Coenraad Krijger

Free Shipping All orders of Cash on Delivery Pay for your order in cash at the moment the shipment is delivered to your doorstep. The bongo selected for the Texas hunt needed routine medical testing, for instance, so it would have been sedated anyway.

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  • Lead shot OK'd for federal lands: what does that mean for conservation?.
  • Conservation of Angular Momentum | University Physics Volume 1.

Bisbee says his team worked closely with the local vet, who specializes in exotic animals, to minimize risks. But using anesthesia in darts can lead to injury or even death in animals, Loeffler says, especially in bush settings without easy access to emergency equipment like oxygen tanks.

Don Pinnock

What's more, she argues that introducing the paying public to the process of administering veterinary care could add unnecessary risk and complexity, possibly violates industry protocols, and puts undue stress on animals by turning it into a game at their expense. Wagner says he is proud to help support conservation of an endangered species.

But a rising tide of anti-hunting sentiment has been building online. Read Caption. Is cutting this position a sign that FWP has no real intentions of restoring bison as wildlife to Montana?

11.3 Conservation of Angular Momentum

The Governors office and Helena FWP are reportedly stating that Arnie was not fired, that he was offered another position. This is disingenuous, not entirely true, kind of like putting lipstick on a pig some would say. Arnie was a band 7 pay level.

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He was offered a demotion to a technician position at a band 5 pay level. This position cut is a disservice to the public servant that has given 40 years of his life to Montana, to FWP, to its wildlife and loved doing it. Its not like he was derelict to his duty.


The resurgence of hook-and-bullet conservation

Arnie Dood is a qualified wildlife biologist in general, but he is also the most qualified wildlife biologist on bison. This is not the first time that politics has gone after scientifically qualified biologists at FWP, much to our Public Trust loss. We need to fight back against the inconvenient politics, on behalf of our public trust servants. Email for both.

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