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  1. The 7 Biggest Lessons I've Learned As A Sex Therapist
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Masters and Johnson didn't just watch people having sex for their study.

The 7 Biggest Lessons I've Learned As A Sex Therapist

They studied themselves. We saw the fictionalized Masters Michael Sheen and Johnson Caplan couple up after hours in the lab in one episode, but it was all about "the work. And yet, they didn't quite get all the necessary data in one try. They went on to have sex 23 times — according to the show — during the early days of the study, when Masters was still married to his first wife, Libby.

Hello, Rob and Laura Petrie. Beau Bridges' character and his wife, played by Janney, had separate rooms.

Marco Battaglini – Sex Lessons – Eden Fine Art Gallery

Of course he was also meeting young men in alleys at the time, but she didn't question it until she got involved in the sex study and had her first orgasm after 30 years of marriage. For all the sex Masters was surrounded by at work, he seemed to rarely have any at home.

We saw only one uncomfortable scene in his pajamas with his wife in bed, approaching her from behind. We also learn he had a low sperm count and serious intimacy issues, stemming from his childhood. Johnson was ambitious, especially as portrayed by saucy Caplan.


So hell yes to sexual experience! Hell yes to life and sex lessons! Because how are your partners going to know otherwise?

Premarital Sex – Lessons from American Experience

Sorry, boo. Your fault. But uugggghhhhh asking for the sex you want can be so nerve wracking! Life is too short for bad sex.

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In fact, you absolutely should touch yourself! Hell, touch yourself to turn your partner on! There are a million reasons to touch yourself so go ahead and pick one.

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Despite the awful stigmas and shaming around STIs, having one doesn't mean you're any less lovable or that your sex life is over. Sometimes, we give each other germs via our genitals! Take precautions, talk to your partner about it, get tested regularly, and treat any illness you contract, just like you would a cold or a flu. And donate to Planned Parenthood.

How to do SEX ? - Sex Education Q and A