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The online version of photo cropping and and photo enhancing, Picknik will give you the tools to do what you want to do and to top it off, it is compatible with all of the photo sharing sites online.

Flickr Ditches Flash Photo Editor for Mobile-Friendly Aviary

Here are the practical applications that you need to consider:. Picnik is a cool online photo editing site that will let you do anything you need to do with your professional, personal, or artistic photos.

Of course, they also have a paid version that you can upgrade to, but the free version does so much that only the most advanced users will want to upgrade. March 13, Replacing Picnik with PicMonkey. Pin It. I've already expressed my sadness in Picnik closing. So I've been diligently casually searching for a new site to replace Picnik.

What is Butter Coffee? Where do I get Butter Coffee in Austin?

Imagine my delight when I came across PicMonkey. And what can explain my new love of PicMonkey? It's basically made by the same people It feels like Picnik's younger, cooler brother with more monkey? It makes me wish I had a Nikon instead of a Canon ; Picnik is the photo software connected to Flickr.

So in a way they are somewhat integrated to Flickr Click on any of your photos, and hit "edit" icons on top of all your pictures.


PIcnik appears, and you edit. I am sure there will be a solution, as time goes by : Posted 94 months ago. If and when flickr chooses to partner with Google highly unlikely as flickr is owned by Yahoo , then questions relating to it's use would go here.

This Coffee Is Nice But It Needs More Butter - WSJ

I just want to know what the situation is. I'm not sure if it's for me, yet I have to make a choice. I can't wait for what's coming down the pipeline, I have to prepare now.

I found a handy link to the Picnik group over here: www. The Flickr blog post I quoted indicated that there will be an alternative to Picnik available on the Flickr site. I suggest you keep using Picnik and wait until more details are available.

I use Photoshop to post process my RAW files before uploading to Flickr, but everyone has workflows that suit them. We love Picnik too hatdiva.

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No need to fret though. You will continue to have the ability to edit here on Flickr. We posted a couple FAQs with a little more info: www. Picnik is closing this April! But Picnik doesn't end until our last day of April 19, So in the meantime enjoy all of the Picnik features, including Picnik Premium, for free!


All the ones I use anyway. Hopefully Flickr can find a way to offer something comparable that's integrated. Cant Flickr just take on Picnik? Its one of the nicest programs to use in the way that its so much easier to understand than photoshop!

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Picnik has already stopped working for me.