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Nast was never intimidated by threats and he never backed down, even when his life was threatened. Through his political cartoons he made a difference, and helped bring the Tweed Ring to justice. Thomas Nast: Political Cartoonist illustrates the power of art and conviction and the journey of this American icon. That blazing speed helped Owens set track records in junior high, high school, and on into college at Ohio State University. At one Big Ten meet, he smashed three world records and tied a fourth in 45 minutes. Jesse Owens proved them wrong by winning four gold medals.

This previously published biography contains updates, revisions, a new cover and photos, and hyperlinks to educational websites. Jesse Owens succeeded in spite of racism, poverty, and other obstacles. He met these issues with strength, perseverance, and grace. A man of determination and courage, he rose above the bigotry of the era to become a consummate athlete, humanitarian, friend and role model for young people, and an athletic ambassador. With more than two hundred books to his credit, Gary Paulsen is fast becoming an American legend.

He has run the Iditarod, survived violent sea storms, picked crops, worked at carnivals, been blown off a mountain, plunged through lake ice in the dead of winter, and had his pants catch fire while training his dogs. The result is books people love to read. Paulsen draws on life experiences to create books young people love to read.

Tuesday, December 16th, LC Scott, owner of eFrog Press, reflects on books published in Next week she will focus on titles for children. As I look back over books we have worked on at eFrog Press in , I have some wonderful holiday gift recommendations for the readers in your life. Not sure how to gift an ebook? All of the big ebook sellers provide a simple process. I mean there is a method to send a person a specific ebook that you think they would enjoy reading.

An unknown entity is taking over computer screens around the world and transmitting puzzling messages that inspire fear in some and awe in others. Governments, religious groups, and individuals struggle to make sense of the ongoing messages. The second volume may be even better than the first so put this fast-paced series at the top of your list for science fiction lovers.

Available in print and ebook. Prefer Westerns? Will James was a real cowboy who wrote and illustrated tales based on his own experiences in the Wild West. Now available as ebooks.

Digital Life Stage Two: Education

How about a rollicking new Western with scientific touches? Scientist-adventurers Edward Cope and O. Their story has never been told, until now. This book is a fun read with a strong thread of truth. Any historical fiction lovers on your holiday list? As a former professor, social sciences bibliographer at Yale University, and research librarian and bibliographer at Stanford, Fitchen does his homework and is passionate about making history come to life for his readers.

His An American Saga series is a bold undertaking following feuding American families through the centuries from the s to modern day. Attorney Jessie LaBarre practices judo and serves as an advisor to presidents. Readers of this historical novel meet leading men and women of the tumultuous decades from Theodore Roosevelt to Lyndon B. Although she wins some convictions against them in court, a ruthless new Cameron generation extracts a terrible price.

Need a gift for a family that celebrates Christmas? This delightful retelling of the classic Christmas poem gives Mrs. Saint Nick a starring role and the recognition she deserves. The children were whining. The house was a mess. Mom slumped in despair from all of the stress. The perfect gift for hassled parents overwhelmed by the crazy-making business of Christmas. Available in print, eboo k and read aloud.

Vietnamese Bride females are actually rather. They possess radiant,

The best thing about gifting ebooks is you can wait until the very last minute to make your purchases without paying for expedited shipping! What are your favorite books to gift at this time of year? Share with us below in the comments. Tuesday, December 9th, Collective nouns used to describe a group of animals include covey, herd, pack, team, swarm, catch, and even murder!

So what do collective nouns have to do with grammar? They can be a bit tricky. Will you pair them with a singular or a plural verb? Collective nouns usually take singular verbs. It travels. While a specific company may have many employees, refer to it as a single entity:. If members of a group act as individuals, not as a unit, use a plural verb.

With collective nouns such as majority, number, percent, and total, let the words that follow and the meanings of the sentences help you decide whether the verb is singular or plural. Keep an eye out for gaggles of honking Canadian geese or herds of cows that wander onto the highway! Next month, time for your annual year-end pop quiz. Tuesday, November 18th, Wynne McLaughlin is a video game designer, screenwriter, and television writer. How did you come up with an idea like that? For me, the journey that eventually led me to write The Bone Feud began when I was just five years old.

Today, the North Shore Shopping Center in Peabody, Massachusetts, is a huge, multilevel mall, but in the mids, it was an open-air shopping center with a small selection of kiddie rides at one end. The year I entered kindergarten the shopping center sponsored a dinosaur exhibit. They brought in a number of life-sized fiberglass models of dinosaurs on wheeled trailers and parked them beside the amusements for the kids to gawk at. There was a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Stegosaurus, a Triceratops, and an enormous green Brontosaurus which today we know to be an Apatosaurus that looked very much to me like Dino, the family pet from one of my favorite cartoon shows, The Flintstones.

It was right then and there that my lifelong fascination with dinosaurs began.

abi g s trip around the world abi g series book 1 Manual

In the years that followed I fell in love with all things science. My father took me to the Harvard Museum of Natural History to see real dinosaur skeletons. I began to collect rocks and a few small fossils. I was determined to become a scientist of some kind. My disillusionment came in junior high school when I discovered that a large part of any science degree involved advanced mathematics, something for which I had no natural talent. I was such a voracious reader that eventually becoming a writer was inevitable.

I began to write screenplays and eventually moved to Los Angeles. I was in my early 20s, waiting tables and tending bar to pay my bills while I wrote. Eventually I got my break and ended up spending the better part of ten years writing for film and television. Today I make my living writing and designing video games. Before I left the film industry, around , I stumbled upon a nonfiction book by author and newspaper journalist Mark Jaffe.

Cope and O. A straightforward re-telling of their story would have been somewhat dry, and ultimately quite depressing. Marsh, were compulsive, jealous, driven men, and their bitter feud ultimately destroyed them both. But the events surrounding the story captured my imagination. This happened in the late s at the height of the American Wild West. In the course of their travels, Cope and Marsh crossed paths with an amazing array of colorful characters who have been heavily romanticized in Western fiction over the years: Wild Bill Hickok, P.

Barnum, the great Sioux leader Red Cloud, and many others. As I read their stories I began to see within them the bones of a fantastic adventure tale. I saw wonder and magic in these events, and I became determined to take their story and make it my own. I made notes on all of the most interesting characters and events and wrote them on a series of index cards, posting them on a giant corkboard.

I moved them around, combined some events, and altered others. I compressed timelines and took liberties with historical fact. I needed a lens to view the story through.

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In short, I needed a storyteller. I made William H. Ballou my stand-in for the historian. But who would be telling him the story? I wanted an outside perspective; someone peripherally involved with the story, but not a scientist. I wanted someone the reader would immediately identify with.

An everyman. As I was sitting at my computer thinking about this, our cat leaped up onto my lap. He was an older cat, an orange tabby that had been with my wife for over a decade before I met her. He was the star of a hundred stories my wife had told me over the years. If only he could talk. I had my agent send it out, and I had some initial interest, but ultimately nothing came of it. It broke all the rules.

It was a big budget period piece. It had an ensemble cast rather than one or two starring roles. And it was a Western. Westerns have been a hard sell since their golden age in the 50s and 60s. So, I put it on a shelf, but I never forgot about it. A few years ago I dusted it off and began to turn it into a novel. I knew, as written, it would be a short novel, and I briefly considered padding it out. This was exactly the story I wanted to tell, and the way I wanted to tell it. He left out big descriptive paragraphs, kept things as lean and as fast-moving as possible, and revealed character through dialog.

I hope the rest of my readers feel the same way. Tuesday, November 11th, A capital idea! Titles of plays, books, television series, movies, poems, magazines, journals, and articles can trip you up. Use capitals for the first word and all others—except prepositions, articles a, an, the , and conjunctions. If a title appears without the name of a person, do not capitalize it. If not, use lower case. Capitalize titles of book series and editions. Consistency is the key. Tuesday, November 4th, One day, while researching an article on collecting, a book fell from the shelf above me and hit me on the head.

I rubbed my head for a few seconds and then reached down and picked up the book. It was about a man who collected political cartoons. His favorite cartoonist was Thomas Nast. I love visiting museums and libraries. Nothing pleases me more than to roam around dusty old archives and find newspaper articles or photographs I can use in my books. Sometimes my discoveries come from unusual places and surprise me.

After the Civil War, with only his pen as a weapon, he helped bring down a notoriously corrupt group of politicians called the Tweed Ring in New York City. Nast continually harassed the ring with his drawings and often focused his attention on William M. Tweed, the leader of the ring. I started collecting all the books and magazine articles I could find about Thomas Nast.

I traveled to Morristown, New Jersey, where he lived with his family. I also discovered the Thomas Nast Society and purchased several copies of their journal. Finally, I was ready to sit down and write. I completed my first draft and then sent out query letters to six educational publishers. Five months later an editor called. She was impressed with my query letter.

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  8. Her publishing house was starting a new Historical American Biography Series. She gave me a choice of five people. I chose Stonewall Jackson and within a week I submitted a proposal. Timing was important because they wanted the complete book in four months. A few weeks later my editor called with the news that Kirkus had favorably reviewed my book and commented it would find fans with Civil War enthusiasts. Over the next few years, I wrote several other books for the series. Then one day my editor called and asked if I still wanted to write about Thomas Nast. The first edition of Thomas Nast: Political Cartoonist was published in This year, I updated the text, added hyperlinks, more photos and a new cover for an ebook version.

    For more information about Thomas Nast and upcoming writing projects visit my website at LyndaPflueger. The ebook is now available online. Tell me about your publishing journey. I doubt it started with a book falling on your head, but would love to hear the details. Tuesday, October 21st, Such fun. Along the way people shared their top grammar pet peeves. Spot the bloopers before reading the explanations! We hear pronouns used incorrectly so often they start to sound correct.

    Prepositions take objective pronouns me, you, him, her, whom, us, them , not subjective pronouns I, you, he, she, who, we, they. The secret is in the words themselves: subject ive and object ive. Subjects and objects! Jason is the subject. He did the action. We need objective pronouns: Jason introduced you and me. You know that prepositions take objective pronouns: between Mark and me.

    Quick trick: Substitute a different pronoun. Glide now from objective to subjective pronouns. The two women are the compound subject of the sentence. Dickerson get along. Tuesday, September 30th, Scott is the founder of eFrog Press and an author. Her many years of teaching at the high school and university level and her freelance writing career have prepared her to lead a team of experts to guide both fledgling and experienced authors through the maze of indie publishing.

    Today on Take the Leap she advises new authors on preparations for their first book-signing event. Previous post shares how to give a two-minute book talk. Do you have a favorite pen for book signings? If you are new to this author thing, believe it or not most seasoned authors do! If you choose the wrong pen, the ink will bleed through the page horrors! Depending on the type of paper, some pens will not write on the page. How embarrassing to go to a book signing and not have a pen that can write on your own book!

    She loves the way it glides when she autographs stacks of books. He is best known as the co-author of Fish! So Harry Paul has signed thousands of books and does not take his book signing instrument lightly. He had finished signing when I approached to request an autograph and he graciously sat down and pulled out an elegant case with his official book-signing pen!

    Find the perfect pen with the right feel, the right flow, the right color ink, and keep it ready. But what do you sign? Of course, you sign your name but give this some thought. Think ahead. How will you sign your book? You can just sign your name and the year. Or you can add a message. If you opt for the latter, make your words fit the project and make what you say meaningful.

    After illustrator Kim Doner and I spoke at an International Reading Association IRA conference, she drew Alphy with colored pens as we signed books and added a speech bubble for me to write in! Carpe curiosity! I love artists who illustrate their autographs. Can you doodle? Get creative. Martin speak about the books they were obsessed with—The Baby-sitters Club Series. Most had never met an author before, and this was an author they loved! After the talk they patiently stood in line forever to have their books signed.

    Martin was so patient and attentive to each one despite the fact that it was long past time to close the store. She gained many more readers that day. So remember, too, that you have an opportunity to connect with real readers—or their parents or grandparents—when you are signing your book. Take your time, look into their eyes, listen, and then move on. TIP: Bring Post-its and ask those in line to print the name they want you to sign the book to and attach it to your book. When it is their turn you will know exactly how to spell the name. Do you know how many ways there are to spell Sherry?

    Sherri, Sheri, Sherrie, Cherie, Cheri, well, you get the idea. Tuesday, September 16th, Today on Take the Leap she advises new authors on preparations for their first public speaking event about their new book. You have been invited to an author event at your local library. You have two minutes to speak and then you can sell and sign books. Simple, right? Sounds easy but think of it this way—you only have two minutes to interest your audience in coming over to look at and buy your book.

    You need to hook them and reel them in. Read your book blurb. Think about what would interest these people. Then practice speaking aloud and time yourself. I rehearsed my two-minute speech several times until I could fit my comments into the time frame and interest the audience. I was surprised when my first attempt at home was over six minutes! Nancy Johnson , author of Shenandoah , started her two minutes with a funny story about why she started to write.

    The audience chuckled and she had their attention as she shifted to talk about her civil war stories for young people. I once heard an enticing summary of a book but the author revealed a key plot point. I bought her book and savored her writing, but my reading experience was tainted by knowing what would not happen. Many in the room are not there to hear what you have to say. So keep it brief and try to win them over. Do not exceed your time. Trust me, less really is more.

    Tease them and encourage them to connect with you later. And maybe even buy your book! The other preparations are just as important as your actual speech. It was fun to see how different authors handled the same opportunity, and it made me think about what new authors can do to increase their chances of success selling books. I will be posting future blogs about these related topics:. If you have an upcoming bookstore reading, you might also enjoy the post How to Give a Bookstore Reading in 9 Easy Steps.

    Tuesday, September 9th, What the heck? Daidle daidle deedle daidle dum. Yep, we really did this! The tension would ease. Has something happened? Is it real? If not, think subjunctive. Substituting were for was is the most common use of the subjunctive. Ted requests that healthier snacks be offered in the break room. It is required that all contracts be evaluated by the eagle-eyed Miss Jackson. Our coach requires that every team member wear not wears orange socks. The storm required that each snowplow operator work overtime not works.

    As always, there are exceptions. If I was wrong, I apologize. You very well could have been wrong. George could have been in the limo. Grammar joke. See you next month. Tuesday, August 26th, Today on Take the Leap she announces an upcoming workshop for indie authors. Publishing your book can be a DIY project—if you know how! At this workshop, I will share tips that will save you time and prevent amateur errors when you prepare to indie publish your first titles.

    Creating an ebook or POD book is not rocket science, but there is a learning curve. Let me help you be successful. Writing and publishing your book is just the first half of the equation. The second half is marketing! Many creative authors are uncomfortable with the marketing process. At this workshop, you will learn to:.

    Our last workshop, on Aug. I felt energized, encouraged, supported and inspired by the close of the workshop. The valuable information provided was worth hundreds of dollars. Tuesday, August 12th, Have you always wanted to write a book to establish yourself as an authority in your field? Let eFrog Press help you get started. In the morning session we will focus on simple, powerful techniques to improve your writing. In the nonfiction session, author J ulie Bawden Davi s will share her secrets for organizing a nonfiction book and connecting with your readers—think future clients!

    Julie has written seven nonfiction books, four of which were published through large publishing houses and two of which are bestsellers. Her self-published titles have contributed to the success of her own business. Attendees will have an opportunity to plan their own book. Julie has been to too many workshops where participants work on writing samples.

    She will give you direction while you work on your own topic or the first chapter of your existing draft. She will also share examples of her own writing and explain the decisions she made when organizing her books. Are you interested in writing fiction? Learn how to create a vibrant plot with twists and turns.

    Instead of forcing your characters into a rigid plot line, let your characters drive the story! Woffington has experience writing screen plays and historical fiction but is currently working on a seven-book, young adult series. She has struggled with plot and learned some techniques she will share so you can avoid the pitfalls—especially for new authors.

    So if you have always wanted to write a book, take the first step and join us. This hands-on workshop will provide you with some tools to begin. And on September 13 we will cover DIY publishing and book marketing. Tuesday, August 5th, We are excited to announce that eFrog Press is launching a series of workshops for writers in the San Diego area. We have plans to develop webinars so that authors—and aspiring authors—can participate from anywhere. Here at eFrog Press, we see many of the same issues when we work with writers on developmental editing. With a little information, some coaching, and a bit of revision, authors are able to transform their books into well-written titles ready for the next phase of publication—copyediting.

    At our workshops, participants are encouraged to bring the first chapter of their book fiction or nonfiction so they can immediately apply what they learn. If your book is still in the conceptual stage, come with ideas for possibilities and we will help you take the next step. On August 16, our morning session will focus on the craft of writing. Practical techniques for prewriting and revision will be introduced and put into practice.

    The presenters all published authors will illustrate each point with samples from their writing. Good food supports good thinking so lunch will be catered by an experienced chef who specializes in healthy, delicious food. Lunch will also be a time to network with other writers. Afternoon sessions will focus on fiction or nonfiction—you choose! Better yet, register now while there is still space. Enrollment will be limited. The September workshop will cover DIY indie publishing and teach you how to get big sales of your book on Amazon.

    Early bird discount for August 16 workshop expires August 5. Early bird discount for September 13 workshop expires September 1. Tuesday, July 22nd, Clustering is a magical tool for writers of any age and genre. Your creativity flows uninhibited and you can solve writing dilemmas that may have blocked you for days, months, or even years. Gabriele Rico discovered and named the concept of clustering when doing her doctoral research at Stanford University in the s.

    Fascinated by reading the latest studies on brain research, she saw ways these new discoveries about how our brains work could be applied to writing. She had been teaching composition courses at San Jose State University and knew her students would benefit from this new knowledge.

    I was fortunate to hear her speak about clustering at a San Diego Area Writing Project workshop at the University of California San Diego shortly after its publication and have been applying her techniques ever since—as a writer, writing teacher, doctoral student, and editor. Clustering works as well with second graders as it does with novelists. During the workshop Dr. Rico shared that she struggled to organize the ideas for Writing the Natural Way until she realized she needed to practice what she preached. After months of trying to outline her book, she grabbed some large sheets of paper, got down on the floor with markers, and clustered her topics in just a few hours.

    Clustering is a nonlinear brainstorming process akin to free association. It makes a Design-mind process visible through a nonlinear spilling out of lightning associations that allows patterns to emerge. Through clustering we naturally come up with a multitude of choices from a part of our mind where the experiences of a lifetime mill and mingle.

    It is the writing tool that accepts wondering, not-knowing, seeming chaos, gradually mapping an interior landscape as ideas begin to emerge. A student in my doctoral cohort a few years ago was almost hyperventilating as she discussed writing her dissertation.

    The more she talked about it, the more agitated she became. I knew she had a great topic and had done her research. All she needed to do was relax and write, but in her present state that was not going to happen. So I showed her how to cluster, gave her a blank piece of paper, and encouraged her to just try it. Once she had filled the page with circles and connecting arrows, I suggested she write a quick rough draft and that she write badly.

    But trust me. I teach writing. Just get it down on paper first. Later you can revise until it is amazing. First, just write. Do not check spelling, punctuation, or word choice. No thesaurus, no dictionary. Everyone here should consider one. Any of you women who would get that chance even at 17 would do it.

    I Love Miley. Little is known of her exact movements from to , but she visited Prague; then Warsaw, Krakw, Danzig and Breslau a second time in ; and Copenhagen in She returned to London in , where she was exhibited at the Horse and Groom in Lambeth, with entry prices of sixpence and one shilling.

    In the Clara Memorial was created at the same museum to mark the th death anniversary of the rhinoceros. Taylor faces humiliation of her own when Brock informs her their relationship is over, and that he only used her to increase his own popularity which proves successful with the producers of MTV offering him his own show. Lee had sold out fo that degree, so I contacted her via facebook. This afternoon I got a response back. Google buried his page in the serps, but he earned tens of thousands of dollars that month by selling advertising on his blog.

    How was he able to achieve those type of sales? Advertisers were attracted to his loyal followers! His readers blogged about him, opened his email, read his feeds, bought products he recommended and retweeted his tweets. For me, I got fed up and started working from home so I took a chance and got a pixie cut and had the absolute best hair of my life.

    I had the most positive comments on my hair I ever had.. Names and pronunciations vary by country and region. My secret: I spell it out phonetically whether on paper or in my mind. Do you want a big wavy twist out, a curlier more refined twist out, or a curlier refined twist out that is big? If you prefer bigger wavier hair, than you will part your hair into bigger sections. If you want a curlier more refined twist out, then you will twist your hair into small sections. You can leave them as is once you untwist them, or you can take each strand, and split it into two clip in extensions.

    Tape in Extensions. So many times, you come home from work, just wore out from your job and the stress of seeing your partner so sick and feeling so helpless, you just don know what to do. It was at these times, God would send an angel. The Kremlin ad and UFC created an exorbitantly high demand for bananas in the US, making the fruit actually popular in America for the first time. If that not true, tell me why not. What the most appropriate way to address the legitimate anger, fear, and alienation of people who have been mobilized by Miss Shui because they saw no other options for change?

    The answer is education the real thing, not the lethargic, immoral facsimile that Miss Shui promotes in order to effect complete and total control over every human being on the planet. Many of our problems would be solved if only more people were educated to learn that Miss Shui wins people over to her incendiarism outfit by convincing them that she possesses infinite wisdom. When I remark that it was quite open minded for her mother to let her go off alone at such a young age, she laughs bitterly. And in enrolled at the State University of New York at Purchase, known for its theater program, and then dropped out her junior year to try to break into the professional acting world.

    I didn want my 7 year old to go to school and hear something much worse and more graphic without hearing about what happened from ME first. I wanted to arm him with reasons and history just in case some kids had heard otherwise. Sometimes they took something out of the hats. Sometimes they took the hats. He tells you that peace is not possible.

    All the past 3 game topics and momentum go out of the window and you just have to pick into one of 4 lame scenarios? That was disappointing and completely out of tone with the rest of the game.. Please type the product of interest in the drop down box. By that time, there was only one adventurous traveller left be congratulated: for the two others had been set down at their respective roadside destinations. The mildewy inside of the coach, with its damp and dirty straw, its disageeable smell, and its obscurity, was rather like a larger dog kennel.

    First, a client whilst I was travel consulting one day came in in a panic because she noticed her flight from east coast Australia to LA arrived at LAX than it left Australia. We showed her maps with time zones on them, explaining every way we could think of. Danielle came alone, like me. Hair Extensions. As an anthropology student she traveled extensively throughout Colombia getting to know the diverse cultures of her country: African Colombian, Native Colombian, Mestizos, campesinos and city dwellers.

    She worked closely with Kogi indians at Ciudad Perdida. They are a great way to set realistic expectations on how fast your hair will grow. The monster had the upper hand until a desk flies through the hole after them and JJ steps through. DD comes swinging through our entrance window with a monster that Iron Fist helps finish off. Not wholly so, yet it did not achieve its end. Sauron was diminished, but not destroyed. His Ring was lost but not unmade. Olaf, Minnesota. Known for her humorously peculiar stories of life growing up in her hometown, Rose was happily married to Charlie Nylund, with whom she had four children; three daughters: Kiersten, Bridgette, and Janella; and one son: Adam.

    Tie strings between the bicycle pedals and one lever on each side. Attach pulleys to the base under the pedals, and tie more strings between the pedals and the other two levers, through the pulleys. The video then shows the wife as a young girl just learning to write and the man as a young boy, biting into a fruit. The music video ends with the boy being baptised as a baby.. We have one genderteam for the whole country. They perform all surgeries in one genderteam. There are other allures for people at odds with mainstream American culture: the large pockets of open space, the ability to live off the grid, the lack of restriction when it comes to gun ownership.

    They vanished out of my back seat from a 7 11 parking lot must have been in less than 5 minutes; crime of opportunity? Maybe it gives them an edge. Ohio State players might not recognize opponents they saw in game films. I can see him doing this for years to come. If teams or individual players violate the NCAA rules for jerseys, they risk penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct. Improper numbering leads to a 5 yard penalty, while wearing home jerseys without permission results in a 15 yard penalty. If a single player changes numbers during the game without reporting to a referee first, this also results in a 15 yard penalty for his team.

    Not because of political beliefs but because this man inspired me, a country, a continent, the world!!!!! Thanks again Madiba. Year Leafs, beginning yet another rebuilding phase, are on the verge of missing the playoffs for the 10th time in 11 years. Most players who were given a sneak peak of the logo in the past few days approved of it, though how many will be around after the Feb. Loving nurture of children is a more complex business than that. Also asserted that his new stance would be seen as having political significance or even an agenda, but denounced any future attempts at Labor leadership..

    Also both schools 4X relays made it to state as well. There were no kids from Inderkum that made it from the section. Alex Pritchard was excellent and should have started in this position a long time ago. Welcome returns for Howson Pinto. Nonexempt amounts above this threshold are subject to gift tax less the unified credit. The unified credit eliminates gift tax owed on gifts given from one individual to another individual, and has a lifetime cumulative limit. To baseball to basketball. Lakers legend Kobe Bryant put up sixty points in his final game the Broncos Peyton Manning walked away after winning his second Super Bowl.

    And then there was Bruins goalie. When renting Limo in NY you and your party will have part of great company riding in a luxurious stretch limousine of your choice. The Tigers.. The long back slopes down to the tail then rises sharply. Long legs make the bird appear larger than it actually is. The two of them open up a 10 second lead over the chasing pack. The gap between the lead group and the yellow jersey peloton is down to less than four minutes.. These are also known as supporting documents since it is important for a transaction to be legal, appropriate and valid as evidenced by written or documented proof.

    Know the different types of source documents used in identifying a transaction as well as the information required.. Cheap Jerseys free shipping Pony tanks These are smaller cylinders that strap onto the main cylinder. Pony tanks contain air and have their own regulators.

    They provide enough air for many emergency situations, such as an ascent from a fairly deep depth.

    How did you do?

    In the s. Considered a vintage bike and no longer in production, Columbia designed its 3 speed bikes to provide reliable personal transportation for short commutes. Throughout its years of production, Columbia experienced an unstable financial history, including two bankruptcies, according to Kenneth Kowal, a Columbia employee on the MrColumbia site. You should check to see see if they have pictures that truly reflect the jerseys they deliver online and how long they have been in business.

    This can give you a better idea about the jerseys, so you can be sure what you order is what you receive and not a jersey that is made shoddily and feels cheap. On December 24, In fact the Arms Park has latterly become a millstone round Welsh necks, its febrile atmosphere accentuating the negative just as it used to accentuate the positive when times were happier. France gleefully fought the British, eventually teaming up with Spain, declaring a war, attacking from all sides, and even setting up an invasion force.

    This 7. The route travels on 4. Cheap Jerseys from china This competition held in Bury St Edmunds was my first festival, not only as one of the thousands of spectators, but as a performer. I was in a group with three school friends and we did our own composition music by my mate Terry lead guitar , words by me guitar and vocals called Old Brown Jug.

    After the groups from London got first, second and third prizes, the organisers said, the rest of you came fourth equal so our chat up line for the next year was that we were the fourth best group in the country Cheap Jerseys from china. Cheap Nfl Jerseys. Cheap Jerseys china Evans was reserved when recalling the experience decades later.

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    Their claim begins with the fact that the distance you hit a ball is the result of club head speed, which is at least partially a product of how far the club head travels. In the swing, the club head travels in a circle. I needed a casing for the motor to minimize damage to the wires and for stability. I had an empty ear bud case that made a perfect enclosure.

    Between both games, you can see he has great hands, like the great NFL football receiver and he just dips easily and often into the lane at will with a touch of savvy. He dunks if he wants to but most often just floats layups. Maybe one in 5 of his shot attempts is an outside shot, and you do wonder if he can have that sort of ratio in college, where the D will be tighter in the paint and he will have to bring his game more to the outside on offense. Cheap Jerseys from china Mike asks if he can sit down and talk with her, and despite Snooki clear hesitation, she ends up accepting his apology.

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    There was little hint of the excitement of the second half during a largely disappointing opening 45 minutes. The on pitch water sprinklers provided a moment of comedy after three minutes, appearing from beneath the playing surface in one half of the pitch and dousing several players and 25 year old referee Michael Oliver. The ball ran agonisingly across the face of goal from a West Ham point of view before it was put out for a corner.

    He must have been pleased by their dominance during the first half, but concerned by their failure to turn possession into goals. And when Behrami finished an incisive move with his first time finish from 14 yards the match look out of reach for a home team who had showed precious little goal threat. The home side had scored just four in their previous seven top flight fixtures and looked short of confidence in attack. Roger Johnson had headed wide from a corner and Sebastian Larsson had failed to connect with a super Barry Ferguson cross early in the second half, but they suddenly found another gear after the hour mark.

    The complexion of the match had changed completely and Zigic shot wide before Gabbidon deflected a goal bound strike from Jerome against the crossbar with his thigh. The Hammers did have a late penalty appeal after Jean Beausejour appeared to tug the shirt of Lars Joacobsen but the decision was not given in their favour. Like my friend Harry [Redknapp] would say, it is a farce and it is very frustrating.

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    Las mujeres de todo el mundo han crecido para apreciar estos fantsticos trajes de bao, haciendo a la marca tan exitosa como se merece.. Bathing Suits SpongeBob is the earnest, ever optimistic nerd. SpongeBob loves his work; he wields the fastest spatula in town, and he has vowed to protect with his life, if necessary the secret Krabby Patty formula.. Bathing Suits. The novel is certainly a sweeping undertaking. For me the patchwork of stories became a little too disparate and it sometimes felt hard to keep all the plates spinning in tandem. The storyline reflects the modern conundrum.

    What will pro and anti brexit individuals make of this novel, I wonder? Die Hauptstadt has been described as the first great novel about the European Union. It could well be the case. Ambitious EU official Fenia Xenapoulou hopes that this will be an occasion to improve the image of the Commission, whilst providing her with her big break. Unsurprisingly, as the organizers will discover to their chagrin, national interests and behind-the-scenes lobbying make the success of such an ambitious celebration unlikely.

    Much as I enjoyed this novel, I must say that it took me some time to finally get immersed in it. I believe the problem is more with its sheer number of characters a recent theatrical adaptation involved 7 actors playing about 20 roles — in the initial chapters especially, I thought that an introductory dramatis personae would have been helpful as a guide to the somewhat bewildering international cast.

    Another issue is with the proliferation of seemingly unrelated subplots involving, amongst other narrative complications: a pig on the loose in Brussels; a retired Professor preparing to deliver a final, memorable speech; a Holocaust survivor coming to terms with his impending death; a number of potential, never-fully-realised love stories and, more weirdly, a crime investigation which seems to have been borrowed from a Dan Brown thriller.

    More frustratingly, some of these loose ends are never tied up. In other words, The Capital is a sprawling novel which could have done with some tightening. However, its polyphonic narrative is, in itself, a good metaphor for the European Union, this patchwork of nations and cultures which, somehow, managed to build a future of hope from the cinders of a continent ravaged by war. Indeed, this novel, despite its several comic and surreal elements, provides Menasse with the springboard to present his views on the European Union.

    Despite the evident shortcomings, the bureaucracy and the backstabbing which seem to characterize the working of its institutions, especially the Commission, the central idea l of the EC remains a laudable one — the creation of a supra-national body to keep extreme nationalism in check, in order to ensure that the horrors of the 20th Century do no happen again. In the age of Brexit and strident populism, its themes urgently relevant. Nov 27, Fonch rated it did not like it. I apologise for criticism, which I'm going to write, but I write it's heart.

    This book I read, because a former teacher had advised me. First thing, I can tell you of this novel is that I can not tell you that it will. I have read it, but I have not learned. A choral novel is featuring several characters of different nationalities, but I don't know anything more. The first chapter has a very funny thing, and presents the characters, but is the only good thing that has this book.

    In the Spanish Edition summary they say, that it is a humorous novel, satire, detective novel, but I can not reveal the type of genre to which it belongs. The author wants to laugh at everything, but not laughs at anything. Continually dedicates itself to attack the extreme right, and populism, but it falls into the same excesses that those political options falling in stereotypes, and topics very usual for example the case of Polish which is Catholic, and a terrorist, while the countries countries where rights are violated human leave more or less popcorn.

    The author is obsessed with Nazism, but when he talks about Russian repression makes it pass. The treatment suffered by the Catholic Church in this book is degrading, and enormously unjust. Even one of the characters in a reflection, which seem straight out of the "Da Vinci Code" comes to accuse her of having spies, and of conspiring with Western Nations. Also I guess, that in a humorous tone the author tells the story of a party who played with Real Madrid Inter, said that Puskas was the best player in the world in my opinion the best player of that batch was Di Stefano, but hey.

    It features as before the match in place of the hymn of Inter sang the anthem of the international, and as the player I'm afraid. That is, that it over laughs at the suffering of others. Speaks of racism, but the treatment of certain countries all in the holy name of humor. The back cover of my copy says, that this novel comes at the right time, and shows that Europe is fun. Novels, humor, like me and amuse me, but nothing of what the author has told me has not made me grace. The occurrence of the author to Auswich to become the capital of the EU believe, that has been done with good intention, but I think it is counterproductive, and I think, it does no favours to the Jews, but on the contrary offends them Because at the end there is a risk of honor that must be combated.

    Auswich was left as a symbol of evil so it seems irresponsible extol him as a myth. In addition, Auswich not only killed Jews, also people from the most different condition social, political and religious as point out clear Sebastian Haffner. As for the Union not parses its problems, such as its irrelevance, lack of energy resources, its excessive bureaucratization, insurmountable differences of certain countries, which is not a Europe of two speeds, but several.

    I would say even with countries in different divisions, and that some have privileges to others. There is much talk of social conscience, but not to speak of the support of certain lobbies EU, nor to countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands practice euthanasia on sick, even on children. That does not seem to be interested to the author, or want to report it. Nor talk of birth crisis, and demographic hell suffered by Europe, nor pessimism following generations that think, they will live worse than their parents.

    The solution of the author or at least I think the characters is ending the nationalities, and create a European Union, and more ideology. Nor does it seem, there is a concern for the families, and to seek its stability I'm really surprised, that this is the most popular book in Germany, and that readers have read it. I think, in the words of Colonel Pound is one book praised more than just enough.

    In conclusion I must say, I'm agnostic on the issue of the European Union. I believed in my youth in it, and now I do not believe. But I will make an effort. My old I wasn't with Monet, as suggested by Menasse during his book, but aspired to spread Christian humanism of the majority of its founders Schuman, De Gasperi and Adenauer. I think that gets to afternoon, but if I could propose a recipe to the EU it would propose to g. Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc, and Christopher Dawson, and other writers of similar line.

    Banish Keys Talk

    Because as says Belloc "the faith is Europe and Europe is the faith. That does not mean, that another power take the relay, because we are not the Lords of the History. Lo primero, que puedo decirte de esta novela es que no puedo contarte de que va. La contraportada de mi ejemplar dice, que esta novela llega en el mejor momento, y demuestra que Europa es divertida. Porque al final se corre el riesgo de enaltecer lo que hay que combatir.

    Eso no parece interesarle al autor, ni querer denunciarlo. Porque como dice Belloc "La fe es Europa, y Europa es la fe". Dieses Buch las ich, weil ein ehemaliger Lehrer mir geraten hatte. Erste Sache, ich kann Ihnen dieses Romans ist, dass ich Ihnen nicht sagen, dass es wird. Ich habe es gelesen, aber ich habe nicht gelernt.

    Die Behandlung erlitten durch die katholische Kirche in diesem Buch ist erniedrigender und enorm ungerecht. Freuen Sie sich als bevor das Spiel anstelle der Hymne von Inter die Hymne des internationalen sang, und als des Spielers tut Leid mir. Das Auftreten des Autors zu Auswich, die Hauptstadt der EU zu werden glauben, das mit guter Absicht getan worden, aber ich denke es ist kontraproduktiv, und ich denke, es keinen Gefallen tut, um den Juden, sondern im Gegenteil sie beleidigt.

    Ich denke, ist in den Worten von Oberst Pfund ein Buch mehr als nur genug gelobt. Ich glaubte in meiner Jugend in ihm, und nun glaube ich nicht. Denn wie sagt Belloc, "der Glaube ist Europa und Europa ist der glaube. Nov 18, Cecilia Bastarrica rated it it was ok Shelves: abandoned. This melting pot of cultures and storylines is a fitting satire on the European Union, painting with a bleak pallette this beleaguered project and the people it comprises.

    A dazzling, eve This melting pot of cultures and storylines is a fitting satire on the European Union, painting with a bleak pallette this beleaguered project and the people it comprises. A dazzling, even gaudy variety of cultures and characters are thrown in. Nothing happens very fast, sentences are long, and one must trawl through countless pages before one sees how an individual personality develops. The moments depicted as valorous are all negative: resignations, rifts, rejections.

    Progress, however, inevitably comes ate such moral cost that it feels grubby. An obvious flaw in this ingenuity is that the reader could be left with the feeling that both the book and the EU are rather pointless. Menasse deals with both problems in different ways. For the former, he manages to show deep character development occurring in the midst of all the inaction in the plot, giving the reader something to cleave to. With the latter, he portrays other multilateral if not supranational bodies, like NATO and the Catholic Church, as far less appealing than the EU, even with its bruises, beatings and batterings; the reader is also given a very obvious example of why the Union is necessary in the first place.

    An unfortunate lack of depth and craftmanship in the writing itself is one area in which the novel falls down. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this satire, for both its wit and its wisdom. This was a hugely entertaining book, but at the same time a deep and thoughtful one. It is a many layered book that requires much sorting. What do I mean? The novel is a murder mystery of sorts but hardly a typical one.

    Secrets and secrets and more. It is also an extremely snarky social satire on the operations of the European Commission and the careerist dynamics that permeate its professional staff. I am certain there are version This was a hugely entertaining book, but at the same time a deep and thoughtful one. I am certain there are versions of this in press about life in DC these days. Who gets to advance and who gets shot down and how do actual projects fit into the process? Seen this way, one can almost sympathize with the British and Brexit. What about the Survivors? How did the concentration camps limit forward looking policies?

    What happens when the survivors all pass? The mixing of the metaphysical with the mundane makes it hard at times to see how all this fits together. Overall, it holds up well. Enjoyable and interesting read. Just missing: non-white men, as characters, and a non-cheap ending. Received free copy of ebook on Goodreads giveaway. Feb 22, Rein rated it really liked it.

    This is a good and important book, but one that transforms generically, from the multilinear blend of destinies that it starts out as, to an essay-novel that delivers a message more efficiently than resolves its narrative knots, toward the end. We meet an array of characters at the outset, all caught in the same moment of perceiving a stray pig running around on the streets of Brussels, and follow each of these characters the majority of which do not know, or even get to meet each other throug This is a good and important book, but one that transforms generically, from the multilinear blend of destinies that it starts out as, to an essay-novel that delivers a message more efficiently than resolves its narrative knots, toward the end.

    We meet an array of characters at the outset, all caught in the same moment of perceiving a stray pig running around on the streets of Brussels, and follow each of these characters the majority of which do not know, or even get to meet each other through a period of time, in which all of them encounter a major obstacle on their way or have to make a life-changing decision.

    This is done masterfully, and with great care. Little by little, we also get to know that the selection of people is not at all random, but that their individual decisions also have an influence of the life of the others. Little by little, however, another theme starts to emerge, one that seems to be of much greater importance to the author than the fate of his characters.

    What is Europe? Or more precisely: has Europe as a political entity strayed from the course on which it was set by its founders? Has the ship been hijacked? Well, we all know it is, but that alone is not reason enough for jumping it. Menasse's concern with the fate of our "common destiny" unfortunately, one probably can't use these words without ironic quotes without sounding naive is serious and the poetic answer he provides to the question surprising as well as logical at the same time: it is not the Brussels of the present where the mental capital of Europe is situated - as the founding ground of its values, it is elsewhere no spoilers , but in a place where it will physically never be.

    Critically, I'd like to point out the role of Eastern Europe in the book as the "dark other". The only main character from around here is Polish, and yes, a fundamentalist assassin. A few Romanian careerists get token mentions, and the only sympathetic East European, a Czech, turns out to be an Austrian national, who has had proper schools etc. Fair enough, the British are also not described in the most favourable of terms. But still: I've met proportionally just as many incompetent, unintelligent, backward and no more properly educated people in positions of influence in the "core regions" of the European civilization as I have seen in the periphery - maybe even more.

    So yes, a sympathetic, competent and intelligent person from around here would have been nice. After all, it is the divisions and trenches that Europe as a political entity was supposed to overcome, and won't, if we keep enforcing them. That said, a good book, one I hope will make it to other languages soon. Oct 21, Joy rated it liked it Shelves: f-auf-deutsch-gelesen.