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Of course people want to do that. During the iPod craze, it was quite common for someone, upon seeing that his friend had a large collection on their portable device, to ask if they could could copy the music from the iPod to their own computer. The Epub format was released in , while the Mobi format was released in , and the Mobipocket company was purchased by Amazon in Instead, Sony not only didn't permit that, but they intentionally hobbled MiniDisc. That fell apart because Sony didn't anticipate what direction things would take, letting Apple overtake them along with just about everyone else.

I don't think that's quite right. Sony did anticipate the direction things were going take, they just tried to control it too tightly and had an overinflated idea of their own power to steer things. I think the Sony Network Walkman [wikipedia. I had an NW-MS9 [google.

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Tiny, digital, sleek, even the name "Network" hints and some anticipation of a future of medialess distribution. However they utterly ballsed up the execution. Partly on the software side the associated software was an absolute dog which seemed to go out of it's way to make things painful but mostly because they were trying to own the future with their MagicGate DRM which they even seemed to be trying to sell as something exciting for the consumer, though it was responsible for much of the pain in using the software and codec restrictions. Sony saw the future, they just wanted to own it and in trying to do so produced something that served them more than it served the buyer.

Wait, what? Sony did not anticipate the fact that things would take an uncontrollable direction. Sony gotten bitten with Apple Envy. Without even looking at this thing I bet its the exact same fails that Sony always pulls, proprietary formats, making everything go through Sony, overpriced hardware Sony has been throwing away killer tech products going all the way back to the Minidisc, which at the time had several orders of magnitude more storage than any MP3 player could muster but because Sony tried to lock everything down to the 50th power so that all discs would go through or from Sony nobody would support or put out conten.

No, screw that. If we had a Justice Department that was worth a damn, Amazon would be broken up into a dozen different companies. No way they should be allowed to control the e-book market AND the ebook reader market. Have you not heard of iTunes? Google doesn't sell smartphones, nor does it control the dominant smartphone OS.

In fact, Google does control the dominant smartphone OS. I'm a little confused as to why you would way otherwise. Monopoly isn't the only anti-trust violation. Anti-competitive monopolistic practices are also a violation, as we saw with Microsoft. And to have anti-competitive monopolistic practices one must have a monopoly, as Microsoft did.

That's why companies like Xiaomi which recently rose to be the 5th largest phone maker in the world can offer a very capable Android phone that has no Google software on it. Google Services are useful enough that most people want them on their phones, but that doesn't preclude any other manufacturer from making very successful phones without them, as Xiaomi has demonstrated.

Google Services are necessary enough that most people need them on their phones, much like IE6 has been necessary for a long time even though nothing ever precluded any OEM from making very successful PCs without it. The google service binary blob is where all the new innovative functionality goes, not into AOSP, so devices without it are becoming less and less compatible.

Anti-trust is about more than just monopoly. It's also about anti-competitive practices.

The real problem is you cant just make decent hardware and expect it to sell. The same issue exists with the slew of Android tablets out there, sure there is decent hardware and an operating system but theres not much you can do with them beyond web browsing which historically hasnt been that great, especially the flagship Nexus 7, maybe they fixed that in the version as there is very little in the way of useful tablet applications for them so you get the crappy experience of up-scaled phone applicat. Web server stats show hardly anyone browses the web on their Android tablet, so we would be expected to believe that people just buy them to use as doorstops or something.

Back in the real world, I very rarely use the web browser on my Android tablet, because all the sites I normally use it to visit have apps. Sony suffered the worst case of NIH ever. They had to have their own everything, from music compression to memory cards. This cost them a bundle in engineering, wasted time reinventing the wheel, and made for subpar products because the customers had to buy expensive gadgets that wouldn't be any use with anything else or had to be transcoded or whatever. Again this made for subpar customer experience. The result of that is that they missed out on just about every category of electronic gizmo that hit the market in that time period.

Phones, mp3 player, organizers, laptops, tablets, you name it. Pointless stupid proprietaryness for shits and grins. As for DRM it was their fault. They massively hobbled the minidisc with DRM and that inspired them to do all sorts of stupid shit like makeing it pointlessly limited, hobbling the few computer based drives. The hardware seemed like it was pretty solid.

But their interface on the readers themselves was pretty bad, and their desktop app to load books onto the reader was absolutely the worst.

Sony PRS-T1 e-reader spotted on Dutch retail site for 165 euros

This outlet [groceryoutlet. And it's had them for months, perhaps even over a year now. They're so crap they're pullbacks. Costly as heck though. It's a pity they're exiting the business. I much preferred the Sony devices to the Kindle both for the build quality and for its flexibility about formats, which is a must if you provide most of your own reading material instead of purchasing it through Amazon or the Sony ebook store.

The remaining alternatives to the Kindle Kobo and various janky Chinese and Russian devices routinely fall short in one or the other. For example, the Kobo doesn't have PDF reflow.

Hands on Review of the Sony PRS-T1 e-Reader

Sad indeed. Sony should have learned something from their console business. It isn't so much the console as the games, it isn't so much the ereader as the ebooks. Now it seems their smartphone business is also going dodo. However I'm curious about this part of your post: "The remaining alternatives to the Kindle Kobo and various janky Chinese and Russian devices routinely fall short".

Sony Reader PRS-T1 Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts, and How To’s

Does Russia really manufacture anything besides spyware, rockets, and killing machines? Some of the Chinese ones aren't so "janky". I've seen Chinese-made ebook readers and tablets that were pretty darn nice, especially for the money. They did [sony. I always wanted to try one of those for sheet music. The Sony nameplate always put me off, though. I keep hoping someone else makes a large screen PDF reader for the musician market.

Sony rolls out new PRS-T2 Reader with stylus, Facebook, and Evernote | ZDNet

If it could run Musescore, I'd pre-order. I was very pleased with my , as well. I didn't bother with their software I think it was Windows-only and was mainly used to buy DRM-encumbered stuff from their own store but just using it as USB mass storage worked well enough for my purposes. The screen was quite good and sure beat reading any amount of text off of a glowing screen. It is too bad that they are leaving the market but I can tell my use-cases aren't those used by the masses so I am not too surprised. That's exactly what I did with our ! My wife had it for just about a year and then wanted a Kindle so I loaded it up with about two dozen public domain books.

Heck, I fell asleep several times and dropped the thing hard. It didn't care. And since absolutely nobody ever wanted to steal it , that was a. The Kindle with the keyboard pretty much perfected the device. It'd be nice if they got color figured out but I don't think anyone wants any more out of these devices.

Why is Sony PRS T1 better than Sony PRS 600?

Having owned both the kindle with the keyboard, and the paperwhite, the keyboard had lots of issues. The keyboard wasted a ton of space despite being virtually never used, and the lighting solutions, while functional, could have looked better, and were not that battery efficient. I'm kind of sad to see these devices fall off the market, though I can't say I didn't see it coming.

They closed their "Sony Reader Store" for ebooks on the 20th of March, and sent another email detailing how to switch to Kobo. It's got a super nice feature where you could long-press a word you don't know and it would show you its meaning on its internal dictionary, or you could try searching google and wikipedia for it if you were connected to wifi.

It's so handy that when I switch back to regular books after a couple sessions with my ereader, I find myself trying to look up words in regular books by putting my finger on them. With the wifi off or set to standby , the device supposedly will go for a month of regular read: three or four hours daily use. Never tested it, but boy it was nice, especially in an era of charge-nightly smartphones. By far the best feature was that my PRS-T1 seems to be perfectly sized for my hand. I can hold it in my left hand and swipe the screen to change pages with my thumb, comfortably.

Combined with the fact that it only weighs a couple of ounces, and it's actually possible to do extremely comfortable one-handed reading.

I should go plug in the thing. And find more books for it. And read more. I love my PRS-T1 too, but sadly the dictionary app got grundled and if I accidentally activate it the unit freezes and needs to be rebooted. It would be great if Sony could unlock these readers to allow us to add different reader apps.

http://nttsystem.xsrv.jp/libraries/64/saxyg-handy-chat.php There are a few hack instructions on the web but they seem to apply to specific regional versions, so I don't want to brick the thing entirely by taking the risk. The main issue with putting a standard Android app on the T1 appears to be getting its display mode modified to re.

Minindisc was awesome, it only failed outside Asia because in Europe and America, where generally cheaper products were the norm, people started ripping mp3s to CDR en-masse before MD players were cheap enough for mass market. The Clie was good, if a little fiddly. I knew a few people with those. Sony hasn't pioneered anything since the CD, which Philips had to help them with. Everything else they've done has been biting someone else's shit.

MOs [slashdot. IBM made the Cell, too; that was not produced on spec for Sony. Sony tries too hard to be completely in charge of every tiny aspect of their products, even when they lack the expertise to actually accomplish it. But instead they have a tiny part of nothing, all to themselves. This is what happens when you don't share your toys Sony. Everyone eventually decides to get up and go play somewhere else. In the 80's Sony was the gold standard for anything electronic. By the 90's they started living off their name and selling poorly made crap at a premium price.

By the 's that started catching up to them. However, I think rather than Sony's hardware, it was the software that was better, esp for pdf in this generation. Search for titles or authors in the search box, or browse by Subjects or Collections. When you find your eBook, click on Borrow to check it out, or Place a Hold to join the wait list if the eBook is out on loan found under the cover image. Choose to Open the file with the Sony Reader program, from the options that pop-up.

Click on the Request again link to open the form. Confirm your email address and click the Submit. You will get an email when the title becomes available for check-out at the end of its initial loan period, after which you can check out the title again from the Holds page in your account and re-download it. If there are holds on the book, filling out the Request again form will add you to the wait list for the book. Email info orl. Please visit your library branch to re-activate your card.

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