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Cresswell was the son of a landowner and sheep farmer in Crowden-le-Booth, Edale , Derbyshire. At the age of 24, he sailed to the American colonies after becoming acquainted with a native of Edale, who was now resident in Alexandria , Virginia. For the next three years he kept a journal of his experiences, along with comments on political and social issues.

He described slaves in Maryland dancing to a banjo, fashioned out a gourd, as "something in the imitation of a guitar, with only four strings". Cresswell returned to England, and after a failed attempt to receive a commission from the ex-governor of Virginia, John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore , he returned to Edale to resume farming. He died in Idridgehay in At the age of 24, he sailed to the American colonies after becoming acquainted with a native of Edale, who was now resident in Alexandria, Virginia. Cresswell returned to England, and after a failed attempt to receive a commission from the ex-governor of Virginia, John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore, he returned to Edale to resume farming.

The name of the park comes from the Pleistocene megafauna fossils found there. Mammoths are believed to have been drawn to this location by a salt lick deposited around the sulfur springs. The area near the springs was very soft and marshy causing many animals to become stuck with no way to escape. The manchineel tree Hippomane mancinella is a species of flowering plant in the spurge family Euphorbiaceae.

Its native range stretches from tropical southern North America to northern South America.

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The name "manchineel" sometimes written "manchioneel" as well as the specific epithet mancinella is from Spanish manzanilla "little apple" , from the superficial resemblance of its fruit and leaves to those of an apple tree. A present-day Spanish name is manzanilla de la muerte, "little apple of death. Manchineel is also known as the beach apple. It provides excellent natural windbreaks and its roots stabilize the sand, thus retarding beach erosion. Stomp is famous for using ordinary objects as instruments dustbins, brooms, etc.

His older brother Addison became a notable comedy talent agent. He composed the score for the film Riot. Edale is a village and civil parish in the Peak District, Derbyshire, England, whose population was at the Census. Edale is best known to walkers as the start or southern end of the Pennine Way, and to less ambitious walkers as a starting point for evening or day walks, accessible by public transport from Sheffield or Manchester and with two pubs serving real ale and food. History As spelt, the name is first recorded in Earlier recorded versions of the name are Aidele , Heydale , Eydale , Eydal and Edall Settlement in the valley consists of several booths, originally established in the 13th century.

Stomp is a percussion group, originating in Brighton, United Kingdom that uses the body and ordinary objects to create a physical theatre performance using rhythms, acrobatics and pantomime. The performers use a variety of everyday objects as percussion instruments in their shows. Together, these groups presented a series of street comedy musicals at the Edinburgh Festival throughout the early s. The piece was originally written and choreographed as part of the band's stage show. Between and , Cresswell directed staged four large-scale outdoor events, including "Beat the Clyde".

Steve McNicholas born 11 August [1] is an English director, composer, actor and co-founder of dance percussion act Stomp. His work in television includes Rowan Atkinson's Mr. Composed and co-directed Pandemonium: the Lost and Found Orchestra. The summit, Mount Davis, is the highest point 3, feet in Pennsylvania.

Geography and climate The mountain is flattish in appearance due to its location on the Allegheny Plateau, so its prominence is of low relief. Weather on the mountain is fierce, frost can occur at any time of the year and winds and ice storms are common. Near the summit in Pennsylvania, the trees are stunte.

Early life and family Cullum was born in New York City, the son of John Cullum, a noted Broadway actor, and Emily Frankel, a novelist, playwright, choreographer, and dancer. He inherited the title upon the death of his father in and the peerage became extinct when he died without an heir. In his pre-teen years he was a page at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II but was later expelled from Eton College for operating gambling books.

He owned racehorses and greyhounds, but his strongest connection with sport was with football club, Gillingham F. The clock was removed as part of ground redevelopment work in the s and its current whereabouts are unknown. The Earl was married four times. The band released a number of albums that were a mixture of rhythm and blues and comedy, contributed material to the Channel 4 show Alter Image,[3] and had an eponymous Channel 4 television series. Pookiesnackenburger used to open for the band Madness in the 's at the Dominion Theatre in London.

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Lyell Cresswell born , Wellington, New Zealand is a composer of contemporary classical music. He studied in Wellington, Toronto, Aberdeen and Utrecht. He moved to Scotland in the s[1] and has lived and worked in Edinburgh since In , Victoria University of Wellington awarded him an honorary D. Mus degree and the inaugural Elgar Bursary. His works include several concertos. List of English writers lists writers in English, born or raised in England or who lived in England for a lengthy period , who already have Wikipedia pages. References for the information here appear on the linked Wikipedia pages.

The list is incomplete — please help to expand it by adding Wikipedia page-owning writers who have written extensively in any genre or field, including science and scholarship.

a man apart

Please follow the entry format. A seminal work added to a writer's entry should also have a Wikipedia page. This is a subsidiary to the List of English people. This is an international list of diarists who have Wikipedia pages and whose journals have been published. A pot and kettle both blackened by the same fire "The pot calling the kettle black" is a proverbial idiom that may be of Spanish origin, of which English versions began to appear in the first half of the 17th century.

The idiom is glossed in the original sources as being used of a person who is guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another and is thus an example of psychological projection. The protagonist is growing increasingly restive under the criticisms of his servant Sancho Panza, of which one is that "You are like what [it] is said that the frying-pan said to the kettle, 'Avant, black-browes'.

Present-day Moundsville has developed around it near the banks of the Ohio River. The first recorded excavation of the mound took place in , and was conducted by local amateurs Abelard Tomlinson and Thomas Biggs. In the state opened the Delf Norona Museum at the site. It displays numerous artifacts and interprets the ancient Adena Culture. In , under an agreement with the state, the US Army Corps of Engineers gave nearly , artifacts to the museum for archival storage. These were recovered in archeological excavations at the site of t.

Six Members of the European Parliament using closed party-list proportional representation allocated using the D'Hondt method of distribution are elected. It has also included the British overseas territory of Gibraltar since History The constituency was formed as a result of the European Parliamentary Elections Act , replacing a number of single-member constituencies. Before the election, it was expanded to include Gibraltar. This was the result of a European Court of Human Rights case, whi. The film begins with the members of "Stomp" pounding out a beat from the windows and fire escapes from several floors of a rundown NYC apartment building the multiples stories are seen to excellent effect on the giant vertical screen and proceeds with brief segments, cut together with often clever segues, depicting the various international troupes performing in their own parts of the world.

It was the first film to be produced and distributed by Walden Media. References Hollywoo. Following is a list of placenames of Scottish origin which have subsequently been applied to parts of the United States by Scottish emigrants or explorers.

Allan Grimson born [1] is a convicted British murderer who is responsible for murdering at least two men and is suspected of killing others, possibly up to another 20 undiscovered victims. The judge, who sentenced him to a minimum term of 22 years at his trial, said that Grimson was a serial killer by nature, but not by number.

Because his two victims were killed on the same date just a year apart 12 December , detectives believe there may be more victims out there as yet unidentified. Pandemonium: the Lost and Found Orchestra is a music based physical theatre piece created by the founders of the percussive theatre show Stomp, Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas. The basic premise was to create an entire orchestra, replacing each section with invented instruments and found objects, bringing the elements of physical theatre and silent comedy from Stomp to an eclectic orchestral concert.

It was initially commissioned for the Brighton Festival, which was celebrating its 40th anniversary, re-appeared at the Sydney Festival in the Sydney Opera House the following year. The film is 44 minutes long and provides footage from the Broadway performances as well as scenes shot solely for the film. The film transforms ordinary objects and moments to make music in an unexpected way. There is hardly any dialogue in the film, but the movement of the actors display the unspoken words.

The location of the scenes vary from the inside of a truck, under a bridge, the streets on a rainy day, the kitchen of a restaurant, and in the air with the actors suspended. The objects used to make the music vary from basketballs, broomsticks, socks, and trash cans.

e-book A Man Apart: The Journal of Nicholas Cresswell, -

This is a timeline of music in the United States prior to This is a list of the cotton and other textile mills in Derbyshire, England. The first mills were built in the s in the Derwent Valley by Arkwright and Strutt, and were powered by the water of the River Derwent. The abundance of water from the River Etherow and its tributaries led to mills being built in Longdendale and Glossopdale, and similarly along the River Wye in Millers Dale.

As the industry developed, the mills changed hands, were demolished, were converted to use steam, or consolidated into larger units. They changed their names and their functions. Water-powered mills were smaller than the later steam-powered mills found in Greater Manchester. Parts of Derbyshire have been subsumed into Stockport.

This is a list of characters in the Harry Potter series.

Nicholas Cresswell

They are all characters who have appeared in a Harry Potter-related book by J. Cuthbert Binns — ghost, History of Magic professor. Phineas Nigellus Black — late great-great-grandfather of Sirius Black, a former headmaster of Hogwarts whose painting hangs in the office and helps out the current headmaster.

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Biblical account According to all four canonical gospels there was a prevailing Passover custom in Jerusalem that allowed or required Pilate, the praefectus or governor of Judea, to commute one prisoner's death sentence by popular acclaim. In one such instance, the "crowd" ochlos , "the Jews" and "the multitude" in some sources, were offered the choice to have either Barabbas or Jesus released from Roman custody.

According to the Synoptic Gospels of Matthew,[1] Mark,[2] and Luke,[3] and the account in John,[4] the crowd chose Barabbas to be released and Jesus of Nazareth to be crucified. He was the fourth son of Robert, a London merchant reputedly descended from fifteenth century Irish chief justice Sir Nicholas Barnewall, and Sophia, daughter of Captain Silvester Barnewall, himself uncle to Robert Barnewall. The Baronies of Trimlestown and Kingsland were held by various members of his family. A pupil of Richard Blick, a notable special pleader, Barnewall was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in He began his practice on the home circuit and at the Surrey quarter sessions.

Barnewell retired in , having inherited property from the bar. The Demon Headmaster is a British television series based on the children's books by Gillian Cross of the same name. Made for CBBC, the drama was first broadcast between and The first series contained six episodes, and aired twice weekly from 2 to 18 January , the second series contained seven episodes, and aired weekly from 25 September to 6 November , and the third series contained six episodes, and aired twice weekly from 6 to 22 January CGI was used to make this building appear on a traffic island close to Warwick Avenue.

Some scenes in the later series were filmed in the village of Sarratt, Hertfordshire and other locations in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. A reboot of the. Ranger Gull and Leonard Cresswell Ingleby.

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Life and works Thorne was educated at Denstone College, Manchester Grammar, and Oxford University, although he left without taking a degree. He also wrote for the gossip weekly Society. From , he was engaged in writing fiction, producing about novels in the succeeding years. The most famous was When It Was Dark, which reached sales of , copies.

Lord Hannen. Son of a London merchant, he was born at Peckham. He was educated at St Paul's School and at Heidelberg University, which was famous as a school of law. Weaver was one of the leading figures in the post-World War II development of an intellectual, self-conscious conservatism. His thought and his appreciation of liberty were rooted in his understanding of Southern history.

He believed that Southern values of religion, work ethic, and family could provide a defense against the totalitarian nihilism of fascist and communist statism. This collection of fourteen essays demonstrates George Core's point that "few writers of the South rival Richard Weaver in comprehensiveness of vision and depth of thought. A man apart : the journal of Nicholas Cresswell, by Nicholas Cresswell Book 3 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide This edition of the Cresswell journal is the first unexpurgated and annotated edition ever published. As such, it offers new light for the better illumination of the turbulent world of revolutionary politics and personalities.

A Man Apart : the Journal of Nicholas Cresswell, by Harold B Gill 3 editions published in in English and held by 6 WorldCat member libraries worldwide From until mid, Nicholas Cresswell, a young English farmer bent on starting a new life in northwestern Virginia, kept a journal that serves as a distinctive window into the turbulent politics of the American Revolution.

This modern edition is unexpurgated and fully annotated with an introduction that provides a detailed historical context for the work. Closing argument for the defense in the case of Commonwealth v. Buford : delivered at Owenton, Ky. M Curtis Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Closing argument of George M. Curtis papers approx. Curtis's reprints, four student theses he approved and listings of the surgeries he performed. Important early American furniture and silver Taylor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and George M.

Curtis of Meriden, Connecticut.